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2014-12-19 14:46:44

Musical Fantasy "Frozen"


Regardless of the religious beliefs, Christmas holiday is the time that could be celebrated by all as this is the time of being merry, cheerful, fulfilled and time when sharing and giving is the common theme.

On December 16th our students, their parents and teachers gathered for the Christmas Greeting Afternoon at our school.

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2014-12-19 11:53:51

Visit to the Children's Home in Brezovica


On December 9th as a part of our Service as Action activities, E5 and MYP students visited the Children's Home "Alojzije Stepinac" in Brezovica.

The main goal of our visit was to volunteer and interact with children with special needs who live there. We also carried the Christmas gifts donated by the students, parents and teachers of our school during the month of December.

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2014-12-18 12:58:53

Parents Caution! Firecrackers are not toys!


Dear Parents,

With the Winter Holiday Season approaching, one should be aware that to some this is also the time of the year unimaginable without different types of pyrotechnics.
Although some parents or guardians think that firecrackers are just harmless entertainment, the police and media statistics are proving them wrong and every year we are informed about the tragic consequences of mishandling firecrackers and other kinds of pyrotechnics.

Even the smallest firecracker can cause injuries!

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2014-11-28 09:23:05

Humanitarian Actions in December


Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

This school year we are continuing with our humanitarian efforts to help people in need.

The first action is the food drive for our local Knezija community and for homeless, aimed at ensuring enjoyable holidays with plentiful meals for our fellow citizens.

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2014-11-14 09:44:03

School Interliber


Dear Students,

If you want to earn extra pocket money and at the same time find some interesting books that you would like to read, join our School Interliber that will be held on November 19th from 11 am until 2 pm in the school hall.

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